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While most cosmetics do hardly anything at all apart from emptying your pocket of your hard earned cash, spectacular ancient beauty tool delivers amazing results from the first go while curing a whole lot of skin conditions
FOR LESS THAN 50 CENTS A WEEK – All Over Your Body.




  • I am a 52 year old woman going through menopause. I used to have extreme problems with my skin. Dryness to the point of sores forming around my nose, blackheads, sensitivity to EVERYTHING, wrinkles, outbreaks, large pores, rough texture, you name it, I had it. I used to spend hundreds of dollars every month on specialists just to keep my skin from hurting. That all changed after I discovered Baiden Mitten. ALL my problems have either disappeared or have lessened to the point that I now get complements for my “amazing skin”! My skin is absolutely glowing with health, its firm, smooth and soft – all over, even on my heals and elbows. I have had such outstanding results with Baiden Mitten that I have bought 20 of them. Some for my family and friends, but mostly to make sure that I never am without one”.
    Thanks so very, very much


  • “…after I used the Baiden mitten, I have brand new skin! It’s like I got a second chance. My skin is smoother than it was when I was a teenager. Right after I use Baiden my skin is so soft and smooth that it does not even need moisturizer…”
    Melissa, California


  • “My family has been using Baiden Mitten for decades. I am in my mid 50′s now and my skin is of such texture that until people are really close to me they do not realize that I am not a teenager….. Nobody in my family has ever suffered from any skin conditions such as acne or rosacea or even dry skin. It is my belief that it is not so much an exfoliation that does the trick, but increasing blood circulation to your skin. Your oxygenated blood is the best healer of any skin.”
    Ishay, California


  • “I have had laser resurfacing on my skin and results were fantastic. Unfortunately within few months the skin started aging again. I realized that to keep it that way I would have to repeat the procedure at least once a year. At $1400 per treatment it was an option that I could not afford. I thought that I would just have to get used to seeing myself grow old- until I got introduced to Baiden Mitten. After the very first use I saw a DRAMATIC difference in my skin. I almost cried when I realized that not only can I look younger on my face, but that I can use the Baiden Mitten over my whole body. How much would THAT have cost me if I had to do it professionally, once every year? I am 75 and even the most expensive cream could not possibly give me even the hint of results I want. For me, Baiden Mitten has worked nothing short of a miracle, it is incredibly superior to ANY skin treatments available on the market, and that includes laser treatments.”
    Stena from Sydney, Australia
  • hey, used the mitten 2nite.and my skin feels totally amazing. iv just had a baby and has a resemblance to.his, its soo smooth i was going to.get a spray tan for tthe 1st time on friday ready big night saturday guve it a miss and show off my beautiful soft white skin lol. so glad i found this product, i stumbled upon it just searching the wweb for the bbest spray tan, how bizarre haha. thankyiu so.mmuch for.this amazing product n i will kkeep u updated as the months.pass. 🙂 and plz excuse all the full stops my qwerty keyboard must think their cool, and displays its desire for them by dotting them everywhere all over my texts lol. xxx
    – miizz_staceyI
  • bought this to replace my first, which I lost. Great item
    – M.
  • For once I have ordered a product online that actually works, I only wish I had heard about the Baiden Mitten sooner! I came across the Baiden Mitten while searching the Internet for a good pre tan exfoliator. It caught my eye so after a little research I thought I would give it a try. Although a little skeptical I was excited to try it. I apply fake tan once a week so I need a good exfoliator to remove the old tan and prepare my skin for a new application. The first time using Baiden Mitten I followed the instructions and I couldn’t believe how easy my old tan came off, not only that but my skin felt so soft and clean. I have only had my Baiden Mitten for a few weeks but I no longer use face/body scrub and my Sonic dermabrasion facial brush has gone back into it’s box. My skin is improving and my tan is definitely a smoother more even application! I am extremely happy and will never leave home without my Baiden Mitten!
    -Denise 22July11
  • Excellent product amazing results first try!!! Love it. A+++
    – B
  • this is so awesome. i used it once and cant wait til next week to do it again
    – C
  • brilliant item
    – Z

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  • This mitten is amazing! Unbelievable!
  • I’ll be damned. This thing is pretty amazing. Looking forward to continued use!!
    – S
  • Thanks. It actually works!
  • Wow! I’d never heard of this mitt – OK – I’m convinced – it’s great!
  • Accurate description of product. Thank you
    – E
  • PERFECT transaction this seller is honest Gr8 price fast shipping thanks
    – T
  • This product wasn’t for me unfortunately, but seller was great and prompt
    – S

Baiden Mitten Guarantee100% 60 DAY RISK-FREE

Hey, you’re my customer. And if you’re not happy, it looks bad on me. So if you’re not happy with the effects that Baiden Mitten will give you, I don’t expect … or want … to keep your money. Just simply send me a message, I will get in contact with you to make sure that you are using the mitten properly (I am sure that you would rather get the fantastic results with Baiden Mitten than get your money back) but if, after that you still don’t want it I’ll happily refund your money in full (in fact, I’d be embarrassed to keep it).

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